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About us

We are two friends with a deep love for beer. With six years in the market, we are one of the first companies dedicated to craft beer brewing locally. Our adventure began when this movement started in Peru. At that time, we were limited to only one style of beer and that has been our motive to make a difference. We wanted to explore further into the variety of beer flavours that we can offer in our country. We are proud to be one of the best positioned boutique brands in the market.

Our beer

Our beers are characterised by their impeccable quality and are brewed under the most meticulous control process. We use a wide variety of high quality ingredients for its elaboration, some of our labels are: American Pale Ale, Indian Red Ale, English Porter, American Wheat Ale, among others.

Our commitment

We are committed to local support and the environment, which is why we donate malt, one of the most important inputs for the production of our beers, to a farmers' cooperative in Santa Rosa, in Manchay. They use it to feed and raise their animals, pigs and poultry among others. In the same way, we work to provide a quality product to our consumers so that our beers reflect our main pillar: respect for our diversity.

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