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Local, transparent, responsible and sustainable consumption for Peru and the planet. Exquisito Perú is initially a project exclusively focused on responsible gastronomic tourism.

We decided to open our shop to overcome the crisis generated by COVID-19. Following the vision and values that have made our success since 2018, we seek to create a solution that allows to accompany the consumer to choose more sustainable products that supports small producers, MYPES, fair trade and our planet in general.

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Maras salt


In our shop, you will only find 100% Peruvian products.

Responsible & sustainable

Every product in our shop meets strict standards. We guarantee that your purchase will have a positive impact on nature, a small business, a community or a cause.


We value traceability and the importance of knowing the origin and the path of the products we sell in our shop. For that reason, we are committed to spontaneously sharing all the information we have about the products with our customers.